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Addict Relationship

What do they say “You can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family!” That’s all very true and whether you’re the relative or partner of an addict (your loved one) or the addict yourself, it goes the same both ways. That’s why I’ve called this blog Addict Related. As a good relationship is important.

If you are the relative or partner of your loved one, I want you to understand that it is NOT your fault that they have an addiction to drugs or alcohol. I feel quite strongly about this message as I thought for many years I was the reason for my partner’s addiction. So I want you to understand that they do have a choice. It’s just that all addicts, whilst they are still “in that place” make the wrong choices because they don’t know any better. So I want you to leave behind that guilt and get over it! LOL

I’m going to say that communication with your loved one is going to be “key” in their journey through recovery. It is important that you can support them and help to give the guidance that they may need to get out of this situation. So I’m hoping your relationship with each other is strong. You need to talk to each other and your loved one needs to confide in you to be able to find the “root cause” of their addiction.

This isn’t going to be the case for every addict but there may have been bereavement in the family which may be a root cause of your loved ones addiction, so it is important to talk about this. Or it may be abuse, a bad upbringing, a relationship breakdown or a number of different reasons for an addiction but it must be spoken about in the correct manner and I suggest you read my book “Kick Ass Kick Addiction” before doing so and/or seek professional advice.